Well done, Emily. I guess great minds think alike. I also picked up on the fact he “does not study sacred texts in their historical contexts. In addition, he does not bother to investigate contemporary scholarship on any of the texts he cites,” and I wrote a series of articles (2nd, serpent in Genesis; 3rd, Logos-Trinity smash-up; 4th, why he completely skipped over Deuteronomy; 5th his obsession with Crime & Punishment; 6th, his mis-characterization of atheism) for my blog in July 2018 on this very subject.

I have just joined Medium, and here is the link to my introductory breakdown of his pseudo-psycho babble on religion:


Jason (Diogenes of Mayberry) covers the backstory of Judeo-Christian doctrines to refute evangelical literalism related to socio-political action.

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